When distortion and structure change needs to be prevented, choose 3D Waterjet Cutting

3D shapes

3D Waterjet Cutting technique cut complex parts

FlowCut Waterjet Cutting BV is able to cut complex-shaped parts from various materials with our 3D Waterjet Cutting technique. Our state-of-the-art  5- and 6-axis 3D Waterjet Cutting machines make it possible to produce highly-complex models and 3D shapes.

With 3D Waterjet Cutting, the cutting head moves in the X-Y-Z direction, turns around its own axis of -360 ° to 360 ° and a slew of 90 ° to -90 °.  As a result, only one operation set-up is needed to cut the product. This method is time saving as well as cost saving, since there is no post-processing required.

Of course, it is also possible for FlowCut Waterjet Cutting to cut a 2D form from various types of materials.

The advantages of 3D Waterjet Cutting

  • Cost savings: basic material is used optimally, no rework.
  • Time saving: cut complex shapes with a single operation, including welding edges.
  • No deformation, discoloration and change of base material’s structure.

What is Waterjet Cutting?

The cold cutting technique prevents change of structure to the base material. This means that the material will not discolour, deform or change during the process.  Waterjet Cutting is suitable for a wide range of materials, such as composites, Armox or copper. Waterjet Cutting FlowCut’s 3D cutting machines force water through a nozzle at high pressure (up to 6000 bar). This produces a powerful waterjet that ﹘ combined with an abrasive ﹘ can easily cut through the hardest materials.

FlowCut Waterjet Cutting uses ultra-modern, high tech 3D micro slicers. We manufacture 3D products, without any structural change or distortion of the base material. This is essential for maintaining the size and quality of the products. With FlowCut Waterjet Cutting, you are guaranteed the best quality, thanks to our ISO 9001 andAS9100C certification by Lloyd’s Register.

Technical specifications

Cutting gap width:+/- 0.7 mm
Thickness0.5mm to 150 mm
Positioning:< +/- 0,015 mm
Repeatability:< +/- 0,020 mm
Tolerance:+/- 0.30 mm


3D Microjet Cutting

The applications of 3D Waterjet Cutting at the micro level works seamlessly with the ever smaller components and modules. For cutting jobs where very high tolerances are important, 3D Microjet Cutting provides the perfect solution.

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