With 2D Waterjet Cutting, Flowcut Waterjet Cutting cuts all kinds of 2D models from various types of materials.

2D shapes

2D Waterjet Cutting keeps it simple

With its 2D Waterjet Cutting capability, Flowcut Waterjet Cutting BV can cut all possible 2D-shaped parts from a variety of materials. With this cold cutting technique, the unique properties of the base materials are not affected whatsoever.

In two-dimensional Waterjet Cutting, there are two geometric dimensions: length and width. 2D shapes are flat – as if they are cut out of paper. They have sides and vertices (corners), and internal angles. The exception to this is the circle – which has one, continuous loop. Shapes can be regular (with sides of equal length) or irregular (with sides of different lengths). Flowcut Waterjet Cutting’s machines can cut out any flat shape, at a right angle of 90°.

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A very accurate cutting technique

What is Waterjet Cutting?

Waterjet Cutting is a very accurate cutting technique, in which all of the properties of the base material remain completely intact during the operation. This means that the material will not discolour, deform or change during the process.  Waterjet Cutting Flowcut’s 2D cutting machines force water through a nozzle at high pressure (up to 6000 bar). This produces a powerful waterjet that – combined with an abrasive – can easily cut through the hardest materials. Waterjet Cutting is suitable for a wide range of materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel and titanium.

Our sophisticated processes assure the best results

With our high-tech machinery, we manufacture 2D products to a size of 8,000 millimeters. With Flowcut Waterjet Cutting, you are guaranteed the best quality, thanks to our ISO 9001 and AS9100C certification by Lloyd’s Register.

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Flowcut Waterjet Cutting can cut any shape on a flat plane

Discover the possibilities of 2D Waterjet Cutting

The 2D machines of Flowcut Waterjet Cutting can cut any shape on a flat plane – in a variety of materials. With this technique, it is possible to cut parts like the SS316 (120 mm thick) which is used in the food industry, where it is critical that there are no voltage drops in the base material.

Since this cutting process does not produce any hardened edges/sides, the post-processing is 30% cheaper than with plasma cutting. The products supllied to the customers have an offset of 2 mm.

Also a S355 clamping flange for a hydraulic press is cut with one of our 2D Waterjet Cutting machines. The flange has a size of 2500 x 25000 x150 mm. This product is used in the offshore industry, where it is extremely important that there is no tension in the material.

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The advantages of 2D Waterjet Cutting

  • Hardly any burrs: cost reduction on finishing
  • Less material consumption, due to modern nesting software
  • Consistent high-quality standard makes it suitable for prototypes and series production
  • No deformation, discoloration and change of  base material’s structure
  • Shape-free and low conversion costs

Technical specifications 2D Waterjet Cutting

Cutting gap width +/- 0.7 mm
Thickness 0.05 mm to 300 mm
Positioning < +/- 0.015 mm
Repeatability < +/- 0.020 mm
Tolerance +/- 0.20 mm
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