The future of mobility is electric

23,000 kilometers later, and the STORM Eindoven 80-day world tour reaches the finish line

FlowCut is part of a game-changing experience

When innovative technology partners collaborate, good things happen. And when the stakes are set really high, great things happen. FlowCut Waterjet Cutting BV is proud to have been a key player in the design of a modular 28.5 kWh battery pack that gave the STORM motorcyle a range of 380 kilometers without charging. Powered solely by the existing electricity grid, the STORM team travelled from Europe to Asia to America in 80 days – as the world stood by and watched this amazing motorcycle cross new technological and sustainable boundaries.

1 Team, 2 weels and 80 days around the world

The idea was born in September 2014 – when 23 students (from across disciplines) at the Eindhoven University of Technology decided to initiate a project that, if successful, would not only be a “world’s first” but would demonstrate that the future of mobility (transportation) is electric. The students (STORM Team), in collaboration with technology partners and sponsors like FlowCut Waterjet Cutting, designed the first homemade, electric touring motorcycle. And to test their technology, they used their PR smarts and logistics skills to coordinate an elaborate 80-day world tour that would begin and end in Eindhoven (the Netherlands).

STORM Pulse and STORM Wave

Two beautiful prototypes

The STORM Team began by creating the first prototype, STORM Pulse – followed by the second, STORM Wave. The challenge was to create two motorcycles that not only hold great amounts of energy, but also enable the driver to easily replenish this energy. The motorcycles use a swappable, 28.5 kWh modular battery pack which, when empty, can be renewed within 7 minutes by exchanging the battery. Co-created by FlowCut, the battery packs provide the energy that these motorcycles need to be able to navigate seamlessly through crowded cities with speed, ease and reliable battery power.

In this video, STORM Eindhoven demonstrates the creation of the electronics parts, including the modular battery packs co-created by Flowcut Waterjet Cutting BV.

The STORM World Tour “Wowed” the world

On August 14, 2016, STORM Wave left Eindhoven to begin a journey across three continents. Everywhere the STORM Team travelled, there were STORM Supporters along the STORM Grid (a worldwide network of plug-in locations) – all of whom were more than happy to allow the Team to recharge their batteries. They were thrilled to be part of such a ground-breaking experiment in electric mobility. And they were not disappointed with what they saw!

On November 2, 2016, 80 days and 23,000 kilometers later, STORM completed the world tour and arrived back home to a festive welcome party at the TU Eindhoven campus.

We shared the dream

What an honour and a priviledge it is for FlowCut to have been part of such a game-changing experience! We co-created the modular battery pack, which was a key feature of the project, and we sponsored the majority of the parts used in the motorcycle. We embarked on this project because we believed in the dream of e-mobility. And now we – along with the rest of the world – have seen the dream become a reality.

"Team Flowcut, thanks for your support!"
Flowcut has made an important contribution to the battery pack

“Flowcut has made an important contribution to the battery pack, by among other things the nickel pictures with which the cells are linked together to produce. The choice of STORM to opt for Waterjet Cutting was simple: it is a very precise and clean technique whereby this exactly fits into the vision of the team.

Flowcut has also provided support in the optimization of producing these parts. So the students have learned that a drawing in the computer is not always easy to produce, which is an important element in the design of the parts. Despite the large quantities and the high pressure Flowcut is managed to deliver the parts on time!

Team Flowcut, thanks for your support!”

– Maartje Verhoek –
External Relations STORM Eindhoven​

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