3D tube cutting of finger couplings

The Challenge

It is difficult to machine a welded composite pipe, but easy to water cut it. The ultimate goal of this assignment was to realize 6 finger couplings, without post-processing.

Samengestelde gelaste RVS buis
The base material

These stainless steel 304 finger couplings are used in machine construction and have the following dimensions:

  • Length 227 mm;
  • Diameter 190 mm and;
  • Wall thickness 8 mm.

They are composed of a pre-turned flange and a tube, which are welded together.

6-assig buissnijder vingerkoppeling
The end result

The advantage of 6-axis pipe cutting is that the product only needs to be clamped once. This saves time and money. In addition, the waterjet cutting prevents discoloration and deformation of the base material.



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