2D micro cutting of carbon

The challenge

The challenge of this assignment was the 2D micro-cutting of parts from 5 mm thick panels of high-strength carbon fiber with an aluminum honeycomb core.

The ultimate goal was to reduce the weight of the components while retaining strength.

2D microsnijden van Carbon
The base material

Aluminum composite honeycomb is very rigid and light due to the composition of the material. This makes it extremely suitable for Transport and Industrial applications.

2D microsnijden van carbon
The end result

The advantage of 2D Micro water cutting is that the material does not change the structure. The cutting edges are particularly well finished and there is hardly any burr formation.

The carbon components are cut to a tolerance of 0.2 mm, so that rework is absolutely no longer necessary. #FirstTimeRight.

2D microsnijden van Carbon

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