Video based 3D measurement reports

Optical measurement

We can create measurement reports for you

Our measuring machines are video-based, equipped with a digital CCD color camera and a motorized CNC zoom. In a combined operation we are able to measure optically and 3-dimensional tactile in one system.

This machine can effortlessly carry a wide variety of measurement tasks, thanks to a full range of sensors. The design of our measuring machines - in granite - ensures high quality with precision linear guides. The fine-mechanical linear guides allow very accurate measurements due to the reproducibility of the calibration and the accuracy of the position settings.

The main benefits of visual and tactile 3D measurement:

  • Precision tuning of Micro Waterjet Cutting machines
  • Minimising chances of rejected products
  • Securing the cut quality
  • Cost savings on final inspection
  • 3D Measurement of products in one setup
  • Ability to measure complex shapes
  • Creation of measurement reports 

Technical specifications

Measuring range: 300 x 200 x 150 mm
Accuracy of measurement (length): 1,6 μm
XY accuracy of measurement: 2,0 μm
Z accuracy of measurement: 2,9 μm

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