FlowCut Waterjet Cutting’s cost-effective solutions are all about efficiency and sustainability

January '17

“Sustainability is growth based on forms and processes of development that do not undermine the integrity of the environment on which they depend.”

For the Netherlands-based FlowCut Waterjet Cutting, providing “cost-effective” solutions does not mean compromising on the things that are of great significance to their customers – like quality, efficiency, and sustainability. Quite the opposite, in fact. FlowCut’s production techniques are, by their very nature, cost-effective because they focus on the importance of sustainability and efficiency. And here’s how they do it…

Efficient and sustainable

Material consumption and waste is a common problem

Material consumption and waste is a common problem for most industries.  Not only is it a detriment to the environment, it also costs money. Lots of it.  One of the challenges that procurement professionals face is the constant need to save costs. This pressure drives their negotiation and tendering processes and, for that reason, they tend to look more favorably at companies who provide cost-savings solutions that are both efficient and sustainable.

Reduce material consumption to reduce production costs

The cost of materials has a direct influence on the final component prices. And FlowCut is accutely aware of the demand for lower prices. Our solution is to minimize the material consumption and by doing so, we can greatly reduce the cost of the products. Traditional cutting techniques require blocks of material to be cut, so as to make the desired end product. Our technology is more in tune with the 21st century. Our intelligent nesting software enables our waterjet cutting machines to cut materials within just a few millimeters of each other. This allows us to use up less material, resulting in a significant cost savings for our customers who, in turn, are able to drive down the price of their end products. By reducing the consumption of material, we also reduce material waste. It’s a win-win solution that checks off all the important boxes.

The 21st century alternative to traditional cutting techniques

Today, industries are using products and components that require more refined tools for production and manufacturing. Traditional cutting techniques are unable to handle the precision required for components that have become increasingly more complex and much, much smaller. The older techniques generate a high amount of product waste. Our innovative microjet cutting solutions can cut material into the most miniscule component size required. The techniques we use are cost-effective, minimize waste and therefore contribute to products’ efficiency and sustainability of the processes.

When intelligent software meets leading-edge waterjet cutting hardware

… amazing things can happen. FlowCut’s waterjet cutting technology is able to nest tightly and tailor a variety of forms of each type of material. We can cut materials as thick as 200 mm (8 inches), without compromising the shape tolerances or edge quality. The best candidate forms are those of which 20% or more of material is removed from the technical sheath (the smallest rectangular shape that is required to make the parts). In other words, the thicker and more expensive the material, the faster the cost savings can be applied.

-Jim MacNeill-
“Sustainability is growth based on forms and processes of development that do not undermine the integrity of the environment on which they depend.”

Our technology is a gamechanger. We pride ourselves – not only on our innovation – but even more importantly, on our commitment to providing our customers with the cost-savings they want, the efficiency they need, the sustainability they must have, and the high quality they deserve.

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