Quality is not just a word, it’s a promise

January '17

The value of trusted industry partners committed to the highest quality standards

The foundation of any good partnership is trust.  And FlowCut Waterjet Cutting BV has forged solid customer relationships across a wide spectrum of industries – because of our proven track record as a reliable partner and our unrelenting commitment to meeting (and exceeding) the highest quality standards.

“Productivity and efficiency can be achieved only step by step with sustained hard work, relentless attention to details and insistence on the highest standards of quality and performance.”

- J.R.D. Tata - 

Quality is not just a word, it’s a promise

And our promise is backed up by the certifications that we have been awarded: ISO 9001, AS 9100C and AQAP 2120.

The highest possible standards in accuracy and precision

For over twenty years, FlowCut Waterjet Cutting has been commited to excellence – as leaders in innovation within our industry sector. Our unique 2D and 3D Waterjet utting technology and production techniques, along with our strict adherence to quality management standards and respect for sustainability, have allowed us to develop strong customer partnerships in a multitude of markets – defense, aerospace, automotive, medical, engineering, electronics, marine and offshore.

Our customers expect a lot from us. They demand the highest possible standards in accuracy and precision, where the preservation of materials is essential. And we always deliver.

Sophisticated production processes yield best results

When it comes to Waterjet Cutting, we are in our element. We bring extensive knowledge, combined with decades of experience, to the table. Our machinery is designed and fit to meet market standards and the certifications that we have earned and been rewarded with prove that quality level of our manufacturing processes.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 belongs to the ISO 9000 family of standards – which is related to quality management systems. Created to help organisations ensure that they meet the needs of their customers and other stakeholders while also meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to the product, the ISO 9001 contains eight key principles which form the fundamental characteristics of quality management:

  • Customer focus and customer satisfaction
  • Leadership
  • Involvement of people
  • Process approach
  • System approach to management
  • Continual improvement
  • Factual approach to decision making
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationship

In the medical industry, for example, guaranteed precision and accuracy are paramount. This is why manufacturers of medical implants choose FlowCut Waterjet Cutting. Our cutting techniques and production processes adhere to the highest standards of quality. We also partner with several major European machine builders and manufacturers of automotive products, to produce parts for prototypes, as well as parts used in series production.

AS 9100C

Based on the ISO 9001 2008 management standard, the AS 9100C is a quality management standard for the aviation, aerospace and defense industries.  FlowCut Waterjet Cutting is the only AS 9100-certified Waterjet Cutting specialist in Western Europe. We meet the high standard of the international aviation industry, which is why market leaders in aviation and aerospace choose to partner with us.  Our level of quality, our logistics management, and our reliability is what distinguishes us as a leader in our market sector.

AQAP 2120

NATO has issued a number of standards, for the purpose of Quality Management Systems (QMS – specifically developed for organisations that supply the military and defense industry with goods and services, directly or through a contractor. Considered the ‘pinnacle standard’ of the ISO 9001 QMS, the AQAP 2120 has additional requirements for the productioned of resources.  And once again, FlowCut Waterjet Cutting is the only Waterjet Cutting company in Europe with an AQAP 2120 certification.  We meet the standards for the international defense industry and we have had the privilege of working closely with these clients who, in turn, expect us to meet and exceed their requirements. They entrust us with their business and we never let them down. 

Partnerships are based on trust
We uniquely have the certifications required to service the critical industries

The measure of a company is not only in how innovative their products and processes are, but also – and perhaps more importantly – in the customer relationships it develops and nurtures over the years.  As we said earlier, partnerships are based on trust.  We uniquely have the certifications required to service these critical industries and they come to us because of our knowledge, expertise and adherence to quality standards.

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