We are focused on delivering the highest quality for the onshore and offshore industry

Waterjet Cutting is the solution for the complex cutting challenges

Waterjet Cutting for the offshore and onshore industry

Waterjet Cutting is the solution for the complex cutting challenges in the offshore and onshore industry. For 25 years, FlowCut Waterjet Cutting has produced parts for this industry. We are a reliable link in the process of constructing and installing modern production facilities on land and sea, for gas and oil production.

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Offshore and onshore

As an ISO 9001-certified company, meeting the highest standards of PED, FlowCut Waterjet Cutting focuses more on all activities in the offshore and onshore industry. The cold cutting technique is employed to manufacture various components from metals, such as stainless steel, bronze, brass, copper, and inconel.

FlowCut’s work for the gas industry includes the 3D Cutting of recesses in headers, tanks, pressure vessels and tank bottoms. For the wind industry, we manufacture actuators, shape and parts for windturbines used with windfarms.

High Quality Guarantee

Waterjet cutting is suitable for the offshore and onshore industry because there is no deformation of the material during cutting. With this cold separation technique, the high level of quality is always guaranteed. Of course, our expert staff is committed to ensuring  that the molds are delivered exactly to specification, so that no interference to the system can occur.

2D en 3D Microjet Cutting

Microjet Cutting in the offshore and onshore industry

We manufacture both 2D and 3D products with very tight tolerances, thanks to our high-tech Microjet Cutting capabilities. This is our specialty. Also important to note about this cold cutting technique is that the base material will not change or deform during the operation. The quality and dimensions of the base material are thus preserved.

24/7 production

FlowCut Waterjet Cutting works 24/7 and delivers quickly. And the products are delivered on time, so production delays on our clients’ end are never an issue.

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