The perfect cutting technique to apply strong metals in the defense industry

Solutions for defense industries

It all started in military aviation

The military aviation industry is one of the first branches to use Waterjet Cutting technology. It is the perfect cutting technique for use in strong metals such as Armox, titanium, Inconel and stainless steel, and also for lightweight composite materials such as carbon fiber. These are the materials typically used in development and manufacturing in the defense sector.

No distortion or change of structure

In a high tech environment such as the defense industry, where “strength” and “lightweight” are magic words, the prevention of distortion and change of structure is vital. Processing and production of components for military applications are done by using abrasive Waterjet Cutting.

This cold cutting technique ensures that no change occurs in the structure of the material and that the materials do not warp or discolor during processing.

Quality Waterjet Cutting at the highest levels

We partner with various organisations within the defense industry. Our modern nesting software enables our machinery to cut materials with the tolerances demanded. Because of the high standards FlowCut Waterjet Cutting offers, we are always able to cut quality components (through our 3D Cutting process) from materials that require the best cutting treatment ﹘ for use in the military aviation, helicopter and armored vehicles industry.

Measurement Reports

We provide our clients measurement and reporting services. Our video-based measuring machine is equipped with a digital CCD-cam (color) and a motorized CNC zoom function. The design of our granite measurement tool guarantees a high quality by applying precision guides.

AQAP 2120-certified supplier

FlowCut Waterjet Cutting is unique in this industry. We are the only waterjet cutting company in Europe to be an AQAP-certified Supplier, in accordance with the standard for the international defense industry.

The AQAP 2120 standard is recognised worldwide as the most important NATO Quality Assurance Requirement for production systems applied by defense manufacturers. It represents the highest degree of quality and reliability. We meet the strictest defense industry standards in Europe and America. Certification at the highest level is unique in our industry.

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