Waterjet Cutting takes your aerospatial innovation to the highest level

Co-creating innovation in aerospace development

The aerospace industry is one of the eight branches where Flowcut Waterjet Cutting, as a partner of various aircraft manufacturers, specifically focuses on. For years we have proven to be a reliable and efficient partner.

Flowcut Waterjet Cutting is involved in development and design processes by leading aircraft manufacturers in Europe and America. Within their hightech airplane development they use parts produced by FlowCut Waterjet Cutting.
Major advantages of the Waterjet Cutting technology:

  • Accuracy
  • Extreme precision
  • Ability to adjust tolerances to suppliers’ demands
  • High quality

High quality and reliability

Aerospace is a high tech industry where quality and reliability are both very important. FlowCut Waterjet Cutting is a trusted Aerospace Certified Supplier – as one of the few European Waterjet Cutting companies certified to the AS9100C standard for the international aviation industry.

AS9100C-certified aerospace supplier

The AS9100C standard is widely regarded as the most important quality management system for aviation, aerospace and defense manufacturers. This certification represents the highest degree of quality and reliability.

  • FlowCut  Waterjet Cutting meets the highest industry standards for the aerospace industry in Europe and America. Certification at the highest level is unique for the Waterjet Cutting industry
  • AS9100C is the most important Quality Management System in the world for aviation, aerospace and defense manufacturers
  • ​We represent the highest levels of quality, sustainability, efficiency and reliability
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Multiple methods for cutting high tech materials

We use multiple cutting techniques to fit with the solution our suppliers need:

  • 2D Waterjet Cutting
  • Microjet Cutting
  • 3D Waterjet Cutting

These techniques are all excellent techniques for cutting a variety of high tech materials for aircraft manufacturers. Common materials used in the aerospace industry are laminated aluminium, carbon fibers, composites and titanium.

The cold processing techniques we apply prevent:

  • material distortion
  • delamination
  • fading
  • cracking
Microjet Cutting

Ability to cut the tiniest but most crucial parts

FlowCut Waterjet Cutting uses an ultra-modern high tech 3D Microjet Cutting machine and the best possible nesting software. We are able to manufacture parts without any structural change or deformation of the base material during the operation based on suppliers’ CAD designs.

This is essential for the preservation of dimensioning and quality of the products. The applications of 3D Micro Cutting seamlessly work with aerospace components and modules that are getting increasingly smaller as the industry’s technology advances

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