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FlowCut Waterjet Cutting BV, has a proven successful track record of over twenty years in 2D and 3D Waterjet Cutting. Founded in 1992, we have always been a leader in innovation within our industry sector.

We use a cold cutting process, in order to increase efficiency. Our innovative techniques and processes makes FlowCut your solid partner.
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FlowCut Waterjet Cutting offers you sustainable and cost effective methods.

Every type of  industry in need of a high-quality cutting technique for use with a wide variety of materials fits to our company. Our industry partners demand the highest possible standards in accuracy and precision in which the preservation of the materials is essential. And we always deliver.

Throughout our company we have designed processes that helps your business best:

  • Optical measurement
  • 3 Dimensional tubular Waterjet Cutting
  • Microjet Cutting
  • 3D Waterjet Cutting
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Sustainability
  • Logistics
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23,000 kilometers later, and the STORM Eindoven 80-day world tour reaches the finish line

The future of mobility is electric 

When innovative technology partners collaborate, good things happen. And when the stakes are set really high, great things happen. FlowCut Waterjet Cutting BV is proud to have been a key player in the design of a modular 28.5 kWh battery pack that gave the STORM motorcyle a range of 380 kilometers without charging. Powered solely by the existing electricity grid, the STORM team travelled from Europe to Asia to America in 80 days – as the world stood by and watched this amazing motorcycle cross new technological and sustainable boundaries.

Storm wave


Versatile, accurate and efficient

When plasma cutting or laser cutting is not the best solution (or even not possible to use as a cutting technique for the specific material), Waterjet Cutting provides the ideal solution.

Waterjet Cutting – including our Microjet Cutting techniques – is a cold separation process. This makes it a very precise cutting solution in which the materials will remain intact. This technique is perfectly suitable for cutting components used in the high tech and innovative production processes of our clients.


Certified to contribute to high tech solutions

AS9100C and AQAP 2120

FlowCut Waterjet Cutting BV has contributed intensively to the development of Waterjet Cutting. Being the only Waterjet Cutting company in Europe with a AQAP 2120 certification, we meet the standards for the international defense industry. This allows us to work closely with these clients – to meet and exceed their requirements.

In addition, manufacturers of medical implants choose FlowCut Waterjet Cutting because of the high standards we set for our processes. We also partner with several major European machine builders and manufacturers of automotive products,  for both parts applicable in prototypes as well as parts used in the series production. Because we are the only AS9100-certified Waterjet Cutting specialist in Western Europe, we meet the high standards of the international aviation industry. Market leaders in the industry of aviation and aerospace partner with our company because of our level of quality, our logistics management and our reliability.

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About us

Our state of the art machines meet your highest standards

FlowCut Waterjet Cutting governs the high tech Waterjet Cutting process from A to Z. Our machinery is designed and fit to meet market standards. We are able to produce 24/7. Reliability is ensured by our in-house maintenance. And our extensive knowledge, combined with decades of experience, assures the best results.

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